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Who We Are

     The City Adult Learning Centre is a secondary school that offers an academic program for adult students who wish to earn the Ontario Secondary School Diploma (OSSD). An adult student is defined as one who is 21 years of age or older. CALC is a Continuing Education School, an adult day school but subject to the regulations and procedures for Continuing Education.

     Under the same roof, CALC Secondary School offers the Ed-Vance Program which provides an opportunity for adolescents aged 18-20 to re-enter the education system to earn credits quickly towards the completion of their diploma or post-secondary requirements.

     CALC offers courses at the applied, academic, open, college and university levels. All the usual academic courses are available, such as Mathematics, English, ESL, Science, Business, Computers, History and the Social Sciences. The school also offers a certificate program for Personal Support Workers and the first semester of the Practical Nursing and Police Foundations programs.

     The school is located in downtown Toronto but draws students from the entire city. There are approximately 2000 students in the Adult program at CALC and an additional 500 students in the Edvance program.

     Principal: Richard Bilkszto

     Vice-principals: Margo Koot, Maureen Casey

     Our address:

     1 Danforth Avenue
     Toronto, Ontario
     M4K 1M8
     email: or click here

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